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Both the ministers also appealed the Union minister to approve it as a national project and release the required funds so as to complete this project in shorter span of time to stop water flow towards Pakistan thus to be used it in magnetic flowmeter Manufacturers the interests of country. The dance ends to the soul-stirring sounds of the great Ganga aarti. The era ends in the great war of Mahabharata. But Lord Shiva who is in deep penance in his abode, Mount Kailash, sensing her arrival, arrests her in his dreadlocks. So she decides to stay back to help the planet. But Shiva blesses her and affectionately directs her to set off on her way. It was directed by Malini. These noble souls help alleviating the sufferings of the people. Vishnu sleep is constantly disturbed by frantic calls of despair emanating from the distant human world. He reveals to Ganga that the voice belongs to none other than Bhagirath, a prince seeking her descent on earth to help his ancestors attain salvation. He knows what I want in terms of steps and movements.

Dressed in sparking white and silver outfit, Malini narrated the age-old story of India holiest river. Thus ends the adventures of Ganga in the godly world.The gorgeous Malini and her team from Natyavihar Kala Kendra presented her ballet in presence of external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath and thousands of ministers and international delegates. The Sepoy Mutiny brings forth the bravery of Mangal Pandey who rebels against the tyranny of British rule leading to the freedom of India on August 15, 1947.Mythical maidenThe divine Ganga is the one who emerged from the feet of Vishnu in Vaikunthlok.

In the same era, Krishna has taken birth. The yuga of Kali has to end. She also encounters King Shantanu to whom she loses her heart and in due course they accept each other in a conditional matrimony. But Ganga who has always resided at the lotus feet of Vishnu is unwilling. Ganga forgives all those who did not treat her well and resolves to maintain her purity for the sake of the people. Vishnu nevertheless asks her to oblige and depart on her mission to cleanse the world. Enraged, Ganga threatens to leave the planet, but is touched by the heartfelt prayers and pleas of people who care for their world. She witnesses many yugas and the great lives associated with each yuga arishchandra in Satyug, Ram in Treta and Krishna in Dwapar.Talking about Ganga, Malini said, anga had always been my dream project. He fails as Ganga flows away nonchalantly. The 90-minute dance drama traces the Ganga journey from its mythological origin till date.Mother of BhismaGanga stay on Earth begins and she is now a witness to life in the mortal world.

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